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Calwin Pom Toy

DNA and patella luxation 0/0

Zico Elite Imperiya

DNA and patella luxation 0/0

Sunny Pom Ultra Black

luxation of patella 1/1

father - Stolannes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs mother - Sunny Pom Cherchil Annet

Oliver Fin PZ

born 20.12.2014, height 21  cm, colour :  creme sable
luxation of patella 0/0

import Russia - ancestors Thailand and Thajwan

father - White Style of Lin Chi Tien mother - We Star´s Special Edition

Pomstyle Cupid Playful Boy
pomeranian import Russia


F: Multy BISS/BIS CH. Starlight Say Hello
M: Ch. AC Dynasty Continuity Success
Show results
06.01.2013 National show Brno won JCAC, BOJ, BOB and BIG 3
05.05.2013 International show Praha CAJC a BOJ
11.05.2013 Club show Zbraslav u Brna res. CAC
12.05.2013 Special show Zbraslav u Brna CAC
26.05.2013 International show Litomerice CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG 1
10.05.2014 Club show KCHS Zbraslav u Brna CAC
11.05.2014 Special show KCHS Zbraslav u Brna CAC
25.05.2014 International show Litomerice CAC, res. CACIB

One of the most successful ancestors of Cupid-Kubik
Am/Ca/Thai Ch.Starlight's Dream come True a.k.a. "Paco" from Thailand


One of the most successful ancestors of Cupid-Kubik
 BIS Am.Can.Thai Gr. Ch. Tokie The Legend Continues "Dutchy"


pomeranian import USA

is built outside of the breeding


Austria breeder is the owner of this male and became breeding male from 27.01.09.

OFA   certified  diagnosis  NEGATIVE Cardiac, PRA, Patell´as

fulfiled conditions for the title Interchampion
Czech champion, Hungarian champion, Champion of Austria
Slovak champion, Slovak grandchampion

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"Thanks Sharon Hanson for very beautiful and nice  male."

Show results
27.04.2008 Opole Exc.1, Young winner, BOB, 3rd place BIG
03.05.2008 Klagenfurt Exc.1, Young winner, BOB, 1st place between young dogs of all group
17.05.2008 Bratislava Exc.1, CAJC
18.05.2008 Bratislava Exc.1,CAJC, BOB, he was between 5 best dogs of FCI group
25.05.2008 Litomerice Exc.1,CAJC, 2nd place The most beautiful young dog of show
30.05.2008 Leszno Exc.1,CAJC
08.06.2008 Nitra Exc.1,CAJC, he was between 5 best young dogs of 5th FCI group
19.07.2008 Oberwart Exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB
16.08.2008 Bratislava Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
17.08.2008 Bratislava Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS - Best in show
27.08.2008 Tulln Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
14.09.2008 Leipzig
(Special show)
Exc.1, CAC
04.10.2008 European dog show Budapest Exc.3 (intermediate class, 5 males)
01.11.2008 Nitracanis Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and 3rd place BIG
06.12.2008 IHA Duppel Rakousko WELS Exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB
07.12.2008 IHA Duppel Rakousko WELS Exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB
13.06.2009 IHA Klagenfurt Exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB
30.09.2009 IHA Mlada Boleslav Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
08.11.2009 XVIII. MVP Praha Exc.1, CAC
28.11.2009 IHA Budapest Hungary Exc.1, CAC
29.11.2009 IHA Budapest Derby - Hungary Exc.1, CAC, HungaryChampion of
05.12.2009 Doppel Ausstellung WELS Exc.1, CACA, CACIB
06.12.2009 Doppel Ausstellung WELS Exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB
16.05.2010 NHA. Jelenia Góra PL Exc.1, CWC, BOB, BIG 2
22.05.2010 IHA Komarom Hungary Exc.1,CAC, Res. CACIB
23.05.2010 IHA Komarom Hungary Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
20.06.2010 Intercanis Brno Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3
08.08.2010 National show Legnica PL Exc.1, CWC, BOB, BIG, BIS 2
29.08.2010 IHA Mlada Boleslav Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
26.09.2010 National show Brno Exc.1, CAC, National winner, BOB, BIG 1 a  BID 3
20.11.2010 MVP Nitra Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 2
21.11.2010 MVP Nitra Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
04.12.2010 WELS Österreichishen Superchampion  got title SUPERCHAMPION  FCI Gruppe V.
15.01.2011 Champion of champions CZ BIG 1
05.03.2011 Victory Show Champion of Champions 2011 Bratislava - got title Grand Champion  of Slovakia 2011

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father: CH. USA
Jan-Shars DR. Phil
great-grandfather: CH. USA 
Tradition´s Legend of Oakridge
Jan-Shars My Little CHick A Dee
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great-grandfather: CH. USA
Jan Shar´s Head Over Heals
great-grandmother: CH.USA 
Jan Shar´s Candi Nicole
grandfather: CH.USA 
Jan Shar´s  N Sync
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Czech republic
tel.: +420 731 518 046, +420 603 503 307

e-mail: brzobohatahana@gmail.com



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