EUROPEAN SHOW in Budapest 2008, the judge Dr.Januzs OPARA (PL)

2 males - baby class
2 males - puppy class
19 males - young class
5 males - intermediate class
13 males - open class
19 males - champion class

2 females - baby class
2 females - puppy class
17 females - young class
7 females - intermediate class
9 females - open class
9 females - champion class
1 females - veteran class


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Our boys travel on show Hall A, ring 46

Young class
Mr.Jacobsen, Mr. Cernohorsky
Young class Young class Young class - the best males
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CHICKY  was on 3rd place - intermediate class
Champion class males
Judging of pomeranian

Snoppy and other males in champion class
4 best champions Champion class on the left Starligh´s my Sweet Dream (Predo),
on the right je Starlight´s Fun Time (Jackie)
Females pomeranians Feny pomeranianů Vice president od canadian club
Christiane D. Heartz

Beuaty, for delight

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This are Small German Spitz

Junior Handling  1st place
  Goda Jurgulaite with pomeranian
Best baby Best of Group 3rd place BIS