Dear Ms.Victoria,

I am very sorry for the tragical and unexpected situation which happened this morning to my-your Nelly -  being so good, friendly,cheerful female puppy. She received fatal injury when her mother had pushed her and she felt on her head. First I thought of brain concussion but when she started bleeding from the nose I knew it was bad. She died on my lap before we could reach my vet. We were there at 7,45 a.m. Enclosed are some photos showing blood spots etc., I will send you vet report later. I must apologize but everything was beyond our control. I know it is very sad to both of us and I am still having of shock.....
I expect a new litter in August, delivery in about of October, pls let me know if you would be interested . Once more pls accept my apology,
Hana Brzobohata